Ripped from the Pages of My Journal

These past few days I’ve been doing my best to keep myself busy in attempts to ignore this ever-growing knot in the pit of my stomach. I’ve silenced myself from the world — nothing personal to anyone but I just needed the time and space to collect my thoughts. Sometimes I really hate just how…


We’re now a few weeks  into 2017 and so far I feel amazing and incredibly BLESSEDT. The past year (2016) was a pivotal point in my life. Yes, the year was challenging for me, but it was also a year of growth. 2016 taught me how to love myself FORREAL. I also learned how to…

The Makings of a Woman.

What does it mean to be a woman? Is being a woman contingent on the appearance of my body — the size and perkiness of my breasts or the firmness of my derriere? Is being a woman based on the old school “tradition” of being a domesticated housewife? To be a woman, am I defined by…

Woman, thou art.

I used to think that I had my entire life mapped out. I’ve always had this image in my head of what “adulting” looked like; I always had this ‘plan’ of what my life was going to look like once I became a “real adult“.


There’s nothing more melodically pleasing to the ears than to hear the beautiful “glub” of a heartbeat. There’s nothing more amazing than to see the wondrous creation and formation of life. The only thing greater than that, is to be the one chosen to witness such a creation inside of you.