The beautiful Black Man

With skin so smooth and buttery brown

Muscles that show years and years of tremendous labor

Your stoic stance like a lion standing over his pride

The world is your kingdom as you assert your dominion over the land.

Your energy is so powerful

The dynamics you possess can sometimes overwhelm me

Strong and fearless

Yet so gentle and true

These are the things that draw me so close to you.

You are a force to be reckoned with

Your abilities and intelligence are limitless

Those hands of yours ripened with hard work — accomplisher of any task

Possibilities never cease to exist because your determination is like none other

My precious Black Man.

All my heart’s desires, I find them in you

My rock, my lover, my friends

Your love I will always defend

Even when the world seems more than what you can bar

I will be steadfast near

Your side, tenderly reminding you of your honor, strength, and pride.

Do not listen to the lies of society

As they try to dismantle you

As they personify fear in you

The truth they refute in pursuit to weaken you

You are a creation from God,

A beautiful, intelligent, wonderfully amazing Black Man.

I admire you

You inspire me

Everyday as I witness your hustle

Sacrificing play for work

Restless determination, striving for excellence because nothing short of incredible will suffice

My King, My Knight

All I want to do is be your constant reassurance

That I’m an exception to any rule

The love in me not only flows but encompasses you

Your body, mind and soul

Listen to me, don’t you ever give in to your anger or frustration

Keep your head held high

Never surrender your strength and pride

Remember your crown

My beautiful, Black man

My King amongst all kings

Everything you are is inside of me

Beauty, strength, pride, intelligence

No one can compare to your mighty presence

My strong, smart, beautiful BLACK MAN.


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