There comes a point in our lives where we go through this awakening period and we start questioning the world around us. Whether it’s what we want to do or who we want to be or even why we believe what it is that we believe, but that awakening period DOES come for those of us who decide to become conscious and aware of our lives.tumblr_nhl3b79dG31s2dfzuo1_250 I’d like to call this “adulthood“, but for some it comes earlier than others. At some point we become aware or decide that we want more for our lives than what it is that we are currently experiencing. Life is a precious gift that God blesses us with. Each and everyday that we are blessed with life, we are constantly creating and reinventing our universe. Lusting for life means to take control of your life and start living for yourself and STOP eating the lies that people try to feed you. While we are on earth we should savor every moment of life that is given to us, take every opportunity to do new things, meet new friends and go different places. From the Christian standpoint, lusting for life is well, living for God and leaving our testimony behind to touch and teach many generations to come. We cannot live our lives to the fullest when we are constantly comparing, judging, or worried about what other people are doing. Each one of us has a different life path and yes – we are created in the perfect image of God. The person that we used to be, the person that we are today, the person that we will be in the future — it is all a part of God’s plan; we are still made in his image. For sometime I used to be a people pleaser. I was so lost and confused and I would do just about anything to be accepted/feel love by people — especially those I cared about the most. I would do B21SVGSCAAAp6Ulthings like changing my appearance or lowering my standards to make others like/love me but it was inevitably nothing but a waste. No matter what it is that I tried I could never please anyone — family, friend, bf, or foe — everyone wanted something from me, everyone wanted to mold me into who they thought I was or who they thought that I should be. It became so overwhelming for me and at the end of the day I would just feel like I was worthless. So much time was wasted trying to become the person that others wanted me to become that I did not even know who I was. I didn’t know what I wanted to become. It was just too much static and clutter. This continued on for a while until I had finally had ENOUGH. I was tired of being the person that everyone wanted me to be and I began to take control of MY LIFE. I started back writing, my confidence grew, and no longer was I “keeping the peace” just for the sake of not arguing. I was coming into my own and growing less and less fearless. And it’s in that freedom of fearlessness that I began to lust for life, I became interested in doing things that people told me I shouldn’t do because they had their own fears about it…(for example, starting up this blog). I embrace myself fully. Each and every day I try to remind myself that life is worth living and that I am blessed to see each day and in return I should do my best to try and bless others, whether it’s in a little way such as listening to them or in a big way, such as giving them some money. Life is not something that we are guaranteed so instead of wasting it away on asinine, irrelevant, or fear based things, why not live it. We all have our different paths and our callings. We should spend more time trying to get to know ourselves and love ourselves instead of constantly judging and condemning others. I want to be an inspiration to someone, simply by me being myself. Not anyone else but Elinah. Even if that means going against the grain.


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