3f2c30cb2c34abeefef0ed6b85348552Recently I had some guy make a “dark skin” joke about me. Initially, I was angry…well pissed off to say the least, but it did get me thinking as to why the joke upset me so much and made me come out of face. Here, I like to say that I am a queen, and not just any queen but one that is in power.So it didn’t really make sense for me to come out of face or allow some dumb joke to affect me yet nonetheless it DID. For a whole day I questioned myself about my complexion, my worth, and even my beauty. I felt….ugly. And it was in that “feeling ugly” that I realized that I had given away my power to someone who was not deserving of it. I allowed someone who really did not mean anything to me to get in my head and control me, because once you fall prey to words or eat the lies that people feed you, you become a victim. I, Chizhem Elinah, by NO means am a victim to anything. I am an over-comer. I rise above the mediocrity because I foresee a greater purpose for myself; a greater future. I know in my heart that my story will be of greatness. I was created to be great. But, the first step in greatness is strength. The strength to fight, the strength to endure, and the strength to stand up for yourself. In retrospect, I tumblr_ngl6o9G4PM1qbzk1yo1_400could have handled that situation a little more maturely and dealt with the issue face on instead of walking away, but at that moment that is what I felt was best for myself. There is a time to fight but there is a time to also flee. In that case, however, that was my time to fight. Not just for myself but for all the other “little people” like me. I’m not gonna lie, words can sometimes hurt but you have to remain strong. You have to know that no one has the right to condemn you or speak negatively over your life. You feed off of energy — good and bad — it’s just that good energy will increase your life and make you grow while negative energy, on the contrary, will have the opposite effect. At times, I will falter, that’s just the human nature of things but there is one thing that I know that I have that no one can ever take from me and that is KNOWLEDGE OF POWER. I know where my power lies and I know that it can never be taken away unless I give it away. And though I may sometimes give it away — inadvertently or not — I can ALWAYS retrieve it. WITH LOVE♥ Elinah.


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