The first law out of The 7 Spiritual Laws of Success is the law of Pure Potentiality. This law states that the source of all creation is pure consciousness, pure potentiality is seeking expression from the unmanifest to the manifest. Which is basically taking an idea and making that into reality. In this law it is important to note that the two main concepts of this law are: SELF & SILENCE.

“When we realize that our true self is one of pure potentiality, we align with the power that manifests everything in the universe.”

Pure consciousness is the our spiritual essence. It is who we naturally are. Pure potentiality is the field of all possibilities and infinite creativity. When you discover your essential nature and know who you really are, in that knowing itself is the ability to fulfill any dream you have because you are the eternal possibility. Barriers cease to exist because you there is no obstacle that you cannot overcome. The Law of Pure Potentiality could also be called the LAW OF UNITY because the underlying infinite diversity of life is the unity of all pervasive spirit. The field of pure potentiality is your OWN SELF so there is no separation between you and the field of energy. YOU ARE THE ENERGY. The more you experience nature, the closer you are to this energy of unity.

In the book there is a break down of two contrasting referrals: SELF & OBJECTSELF or SELF REFERRAL is spiritually based and means that our internal reference point is our own spirit, and not the objects of our experience. There is no ego involved in self referral. In self referral you see yourself as equal, you are no lesser/greater than anyone else. You see everyone as spiritual beings in different disguises. When you have the knowledge of self you obtain permanent power because it is based on the knowledge of self, the spirit. This type of knowledge is what draws people to you and draws things that you want to you. It magnetizes people, situations, and circumstances to support your desires. It is the BONDING POWER that comes from true love.

OBJECT REFERRAL is ego-based and is influenced by objects outside of the self. (i.e.- situations, circumstances, people, and things). In object referral there is constant need for the approval of others. You are FEAR BASED & your thinking/behavior is always in anticipation of a response. There is also an intense need to control things, an intense need for external powers. The ego is not WHO YOU ARE. It is your self image, your social mask; the role that you are playing. Your true self, however, is free of those things. It is immune to criticism, it is unfearful of any challenge and feels beneath to one yet remains humble. Superior to none because it recognizes that everyone else is the same SELF, the same spirit in different disguises. This reiterates the point of Pure Potentiality (Power of Self) in the essence that there is an absence of fear, there is no compulsion to control, there is no struggle for approval or any external power. This is why relationships should happen naturallly and you shhould never give so much of yourself to someone if they aren’t reciprocating. There should never be a power struggle. Things should flow naturally.


     “If you want to make full use of your creativity which in inherent in pure consciousness, then you have to access it.”

Do you know where the most creativity/best ideas are? They are those found at the graveyard. The greatest potential is that that was never exerted. So what exactly is the point of having all that pent up creativity and potential if you never USE it? Never be afraid to LIVE OUT LOUD ON PURPOSE. To practice silence, mediation, and non-judgement, isn’t as simple as just isolating yourself in your room. It involves you silencing everything that is WITHIN you. I’ve yet to actually practice this so I can’t really speak on it too much but I can understand the idea of this. The stillness alone is the potentiality for creativity. Movement alone is creatively restricted to a certain aspect of its expression but the combination of movement and stillness that enables you to unleash your creativity in all directions — wherever the power of your attentions takes you.

(Credit: The 7 Spiritual Laws of Success, DEEPAK CHOPRA)


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