The Fourth Law: The Law of Least Effort

The Law of Least Effort is based on the fact that nature’s intelligence function with effortless ease and abandons carefulness. Many may wonder how this is possible but the key principle to this law is that there is no resistance.

Take nature for example, and you will see just how the Law of Least Effort is put into action. Birds don’t think about singing, they just sing. Grass doesn’t try to grow, it just grows. Everything that nature does is instinctive. The earth doesn’t have to try to spin; it just spins because that is the very nature of the earth to spin. It is the nature of the sun to shine. It is the nature of the states to glitter and sparkle. And it is human nature to make our dreams manifest into its physical form, easily, and effortlessly.

There is an age old philosophy of India, in Vedic Science, that says “do less and accomplish more.” Ultimately you come to the state where you do nothing and accomplish everything. Simply stated you start off with an idea, and then the idea becomes reality effortlessly. Now, do not make the mistake of confusing this law with laziness. This law isn’t saying that just because you think things that it will magically come to life. That’s silly. Basically you have an idea and you keep that idea at the forefront and it will come to life because everything that you do is expended in your actions. This law is best seen in action when your actions are motivated by love because nature is held together by the energy of love. When you seek power and control over other people, you waste energy. When you seek money or power for the sake of ego, you spend energy chasing the illusion of happiness instead of enjoying happiness in the moment. When you seek money solely for personal gain, you cut off the flow of energy to yourself and interfere with the expression of nature’s intelligence. On the contrary, when your actions are motivated by love, your energy multiplies and accumulates and the surplus energy you gather and enjoy can be channeled to create anything you want, including unlimited wealth. The book gives an example of how our physical bodies can be used as a device for controlling energy. Our bodies can generate, store, and expend energy. If you know how to generate, store, and expend energy in efficient way, then you can create any amount of wealth. Attention to the ego consumes the greatest amount of energy. When your internal reference point is the ego — meaning you seek power and control over other people or seek approval from others — you simply waste energy. When that energy is freed up, however, it can be rechanneled and used to create anything that you want. Using your spirit as the internal reference point allows you to use your energy creatively for the experience of affluence and evolution because you are immune to criticism and you are unfearful of any challenge. This in turn allows you to harness the power of love.

“Most of our energy goes into upholding our importance…If we were capable of losing some of that importance, two extraordinary things would happen to us; One, we would free our energy from trying to maintain the illusory idea of our grandeur; and two, we would provide ourselves with enough energy to catch a glimpse of the actual grandeur of the universe.” – Don Juan (talking to Carlos Castaneda)

There are three things that we can do to put this principle of “do less and accomplish more” into action.

  1. ACCEPTANCE. Acceptance simply means that you make a commitment, “Today I will accept people, situations, circumstances, and events as they occur.” In essence, you are saying that the moment that is occurring right now is as it should be, because the whole universe is as it should be. Even more simplified, you resist worry. When you struggle against the moment then you are in essence struggling against the entire universe. When something frustrates you, be it situational or a person, remember that you are not reacting to the person or the situation, but to your feelings about the person or the situation. These are YOUR feelings, and you feelings are not someone else’s fault. When you recognize and understand this completely, you are ready to take responsibility for how you feel and to change it.
  2.  RESPONSIBILITY. Responsibility simply means to not blame anyone or anything for your situation, including yourself.  Having accepted the circumstance, event, or problem, then responsibility means    that you have the ability to have a creative response to the situation as it is now. All problems contain           the seed of opportunity, and it is through this awareness that you to the moment and transform it to a             better situation or thing. Once you do this every “upsetting” situation can be transcended into something beautiful, and every so-called tyrant or tormentor will become your teacher. And if you choose to interpret reality in this way, you will have many teachers around you, and many opportunities to evolve. Whatever relationship you have attracted in your life at this moment are precisely the ones you need in your life at this moment. There is a hidden meaning behind all events, and this hidden meaning is serving your own evolution.
  3. DEFENSELESSNESS. This means that you have relinquished the need to convince or persuade others of your point of view. If we just learn to relinquish the need to defend our POV, you will gain access to enormous amounts of energy that has been previously wasted. When you become defensive, blame others, and do not accept and surrender to the moment, your life meets resistance. Instead, learn to be flexible. Completely desist from defending your POV. When you have no point to defend, you do not allow the birth of an argument.If you consistently stop fighting and resisting, then you will fully experience the gift of the PRESENT. If you embrace the present and become one with it, and merge with it, you will experience a fire in living. The more you experience the moment and stop trying to fight against it, you will drop your burdens, defensiveness, resentment, and hurtfulness. Only then will you become light-hearted, carefree, joyous, and free.

It is in this joyful, simple freedom that you will know without any doubt in your heart that what you want is available to you whenever you want it, because your want will be from the level of happiness, not from any level of anxiety or fear. You do not need to justify anything. Simply declare your intent and you will experience fulfillment, delight, joy, freedom, and autonomy in every moment of your life.

When you remain open to all points of view and you are not rigidly attached to only one, your dreams and desires will flow with nature’s desires. Then you can release your intentions, without attachment, and just wait for the appropriate season for your desires to bloom into reality. You can rest assured that when the season is right, your desires will manifest.


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