tumblr_n4epsteMhu1qfhocwo1_500A little while ago I made a declaration that I was going to go on this Spiritual Rebirth and for the most part, I have been taking that proclamation very seriously. I’ve been surrounding myself w a lot of positive, Christian figures as well as generally positive people to help me in this journey. I feel that this is beneficial to this journey because what you surround yourself w and allow into your heart is what you will eventually become. Thanks to the mute button on Twitter, I can mute out all the posts that are vulgar, use bad language, or are simply unfulfilling to my spirit. I go back and forth on this journey to walk w Christ, and honestly, I feel like the real reason why I can never stick it out is because I refuse to be tested. I take what makes me “feel good” and then I kind of toss up the deuces to God and just go about my way doing whatever it is that I desire. I behave in a recalcitrant, disobedient manner and then I demand that I be blessed…that’s so…backwards. I go to God when I want something or I am in need of something but I don’t give back, I don’t give the same things that I ask for. Because of this I am stuck in this perpetual stagnant life; in short, I receive zero blessings because I’m not doing my part — whether that has to do with forgiveness or anger or anything that is NOT prominent to the love of Christ.

I have decided to take my walk completely seriously because I haven’t really dedicated the time and the acquiescent consistency and obedience that Christ needs from me. I’ve been kind of “so-so”. I have been very obstinate in my ways and hard-headed…almost as if I am a know it all, and what’s good to be a hearer of the Word but not a doer? (James 1:22) **

Consequentially, there have been two major things that I have decided to quit cold turkey | My frequent cursing & Negative People and things. There are just some things in life that you can’t always “ease out of”. You have to make that conscientious decision to just STOP. I know for me personally, using the “I’m working on it” excuse can sometimes make me lazy in my efforts to stop an old habit…sometimes even giving me an excuse to keep doing what I’m doing because I am of course “working on it”…

I’ve also taken it upon myself to start two personal journeys which I will be blogging about from time to time. The first on is a Self Love journey and the second will be a Personal Growth journey. With the Personal Growth journey I will be utilizing my YOUverson Bible app to help me work on the issues that hold the most preeminent existence in my life. This of course will be an ongoing journey. The self- love journey can be on going too but I am going to do it for six months and see what kind of changes happen in me. In a next post I will be talking a little more about each and such.

Growth…it’s so important. It’s in the stagnant nature of our life that we lose ourselves.


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