REVAMP…Because Change is Good.

1978812_10201532214095968_1620228261_nWow! Long time no see right? It seems like eons since I’ve last written a post but honestly, I have been kind of lazy. It is SO easy & convenient to ramble off these excuses and “reasons: as to why I’ve been M.I.A. or to casually spew an “Oh I was SUPER busy” speech but eh — I am a strong believer in PRIORITIES. You make time for what you are serious about. In my hiatus, however, I did do quite a bit of evolving and growing as well as becoming more transparent. I have really taken the time to focus immensely and intensely on my schoolwork as well as personal spiritual growth.

One of the first things I did in my time away was detoxify & de-clutter all the noise in my life. That means that I (unfortunately) had to remove myself from the Christian group of girls that I was engaging with. I also got rid of people distractions, learned how to destroy people bondage, stopped listening to vulgar music, and I just ultimately cut a lot of people and thoughts OUT of my life. Once I cleared my mind (and my space) I slowly began to incorporate the things that were of value to me. For about a month I listened to nothing but positive, uplifting music as well as overdosing on Gospel music. THIS detoxification seriously changed me. It helped me hear God’s voice more/feel his presence and it also helped me redirect my thinking. I immediately felt less overwhelmed. Sometimes you just have to let things go in order to be able to be objective. A LOT of things were holding me captive….I just became increasingly more anxious and overwhelmed to the point that I was getting depressed. And I knew that those thoughts were definitely NOT of the Spirit. During this brief season of anxiety, I still felt the desire to write but it was like the driving force was MISSING. That’s when I knew that I had to grasp a hold of my situation. Either I’m gonna “buck up or f— up” [as Tamara puts it so lovely on MTV‘s AWKWARD lol]. No, but seriously, there comes a time when you just have to step back and really think, “are the things that I’m worrying, stressing, killing myself over NOW even gonna matter in the end?” Because a lot of the time — I especially — we tend to be pretty selfless with our time time and give thought to a whole bunch of asinine and imminent things(or situations, or thoughts, or people…). I seriously needed to learn how to CONTROL MY BRAIN and be…SELFISH…with how I spent time and what I gave my energy to.

Soooooo…I say all that to say this lol — I’M BAAAAAAACK! 🙂

& I feel incredibly STRONGER than ever!


Not to get off track, but have y`all seen the new layout for my blog? I like it’s more simplistic, modernistic appeal. It looks more me and less…”I want to fit in with how other bloggers design their blog”. Don’t get it twisted though, I do like to take some notes from other bloggers set ups and I DO like to get inspiration but hunny, for a looooong time I was becoming more like everyone else and less like myself and thought it may seem simple and arbitrary to most, my blog layout was beginning to reflect that which is a big NO.

Ok, back to the point.

I want to write more as myself. Yes, I do enjoy the professional/clean format of a blog but as Jouelzy likes to say,” I am educated ratchet”. So I definitely want to showcase my natural flair and sassiness that I have; which allows to segway into this point. I AM NOT A CHRISTIAN BLOG. I have nothing against them, but that’s just not the route that I feel led to write in. My fundamental basis of my blog, however, is quite heavily influenced by my Christian beliefs. That will not change and I most certainly will NOT apologize for praising God or glorifying him or sharing a Daily Devotional here and there. #SorryNOTSORRY. Another side note to add is that although I enjoy voicing my opinions on societal issues, I am not a “news blog” or a political blog…I’m too limitless to be defined. I want to stand out from the atypical blogger that does the same thing over and over and over again.


  1.  I seriously want to buy a domain but I need to find a really good hosting site that is fairly low/affordable for me at this current stage in my life. #CollegeKidProblems
  2. I love the way that my blog layout is now but I eventually want a more clean cut and simplistic/regal format for my blog. Not so much monchromatic but not overtly vibrant either. I want something that truly reflects my personality and something that makes me stand apart from the crowd.
  3. Posting schedule – I want to TRY and at least post fairly regularly starting w at least one time a week on my days off from work whenever I have a “one class day”. I then, eventually want to increase that posting to schedule to two to three times a week.
  4. I want to be featured/post my work, write professionally for a company and eventually become recognized for my works.
  5. And then lastly, I want to write my own book. It would be such an extreme and fulfilling feeling to accomplish that. I know I have so much to tell and a grandiose story to tell…but it is all about timing and I am an avid believer in the notion of “speaking what you want into existence”

Feels great to be back. I cannot wait to continue this journey and see my dreams come true. Love you all!

With Love,



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  1. Frost says:

    Nice work. You show a lot of maturity, which is good and your decision to keep grounded to Christian beliefs is admirable. God bless you.

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