Just DO IT.

tumblr_mkromfxkIZ1s4rteqo1_500So, today I made the decision to purchase a domain. I am a conglomerate of many mixed and indifferent emotions. On one hand, I am extremely anxious, nervous, and scared about the amount of money that I put into purchasing this domain. This is a grandiose step for me as I have never really ever pursued any of my dreams as hardcore as I am now. I know a lot of people may think that it is superbly asinine and ridiculous that I actually shelled out money for a “hobby“, but writing means just that much to me. Blogging and being able to share my experiences means JUST THAT MUCH TO ME. It truly does and I am so over living a life which consists of this mundane fear. Whether it is financially or scholarly or whatever else. So many people go to the grave with these wonderful ideas when in actuality all they had to do was TRY. Just do it. Work with what you have and let the universe [God] do the rest.

Contrary to my fear, I am actually really giddy and excited on the inside. This is the first time ever that I am taking a risk that is solely based upon ME and my own ideas. There were no outside forces pushing me to go/not go for what I want. There was no doubt. It was all based off of me and my spirit and what I am truly passionate about. See, the thing with fear is that it is all based off of external forces — people, doubts, fear, experiences. But something that comes from the spirit is genuine, limitless, and pure at its core. That’s how I feel about my decision. No regrets. No doubts. The worse thing that could happen is that it didn’t work out exactly how I wanted it to, however, worse than that would always be the constant nagging pondering of what could have happened.

Ahh, this feels so incredibly amazing and refreshing and I cannot wait to start building and working on my new site in these next couple of months. So much greatness is bound to come and this (mark my words) is JUST the beginning!


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