Early Morning Solitude

I’m not really sure what it is that I want to write about or what the theme of this post is but I felt compelled to do so. There’s so many things happening all at once in my life right now and it gets so hard to keep track of it all. Especially when you’re in an environment or head space that reeks of toxicity. Ugh. Anyways, these past few weeks have been…interesting at best. I’ve seen and learned to accept a lot of what’s been happening to me and around me. Self-discovery of love and life has shown to be quite an unusual thing in my life. One constant theme that seemed to be thrown at me was the topic of soul mates. This conversation touched base on a multitude of sub-topics associated with soul mates which included: friendship, connections,  people bondage, soul ties, and of course — love. I personally feel that we all have that one person that is an addition to us; not someone who completes us, but someone who adds on to our life in a positive way. And it’s this binding factor that helps you distinguish whether or not you are BOUNDED/BONDED to someone or TIED. I no longer believe that everyone we cross paths with is someone that we are ‘soul tied’ with. I really believe that before we even reach the spiritual realm of that deeper, higher connection, we must first have it with ourselves. I honestly believe that as humans we tend to get so caught up with the love, potential, and fantasy of people that we interchange ‘connections’ with ‘ties’; we take what is physical and emotional and equate that to being something more than what it is. Yes, we can have deep connections with people, but that does not necessarily mean that we are SPIRITUALLY CONNECTED to these people. Bonds can be broken. Ties form knots.

Aside from this conversation, I’ve also learned to just accept people where they are.

You can’t change people. You can’t make people realize their own worth. And waiting for people’s potential to blossom is futile. If you’re with someone because of their potential then you’re wasting your time because while you’re waiting for their potential to arrive, you’ll be getting damaged by their reality.Change is constant and ever evolving, however, it is so so so very important to realize that you are the only one who has the power to change you. And if you’re religious/spiritual, then you believe in the power of Christ to transform and renew your mind. This knowledge brings me to my next point as to WHY we try to change people. I always want to believe that people are inherently GOOD and have pure intentions but truthfully — as I live longer and experience more — I see that that just isn’t true. People are who they are. Because a fallacious person can only be one for so long before the truth and core of that person’s heart is revealed.


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