“New Year, New Me”

I’ve never been quite the fan of “New Year Resolutions” because frankly I think that they are a complete waste of time. I never understood the concept of waiting til the end of the year to ‘make a change’. I get it. December is the month of newness and change and the re-positioning of yourself into a new stage of life. Albeit, to wait for that time to arrive so that you can proclaim change, rather than consistently making efforts to grow is just outrageous to me.

I do, however, believe in continual change and consistent progression. Evolutionary growth happens on a consistent, daily basis. Progression is relentless…not something that occurs every December 31 – January 1…

Alternatively, I designate to execute my goals for the upcoming year via mantras — the art of THINK, SPEAK, BELIEVE.. I tend to be quite meticulously excogitate in my mantras. Now that I am three days into this new year, I want to be more deliberate in the execution of  my ideas. I want to witness everything I’ve ever imagined come into fruition. And God-willing, I will.

tumblr_mndmuocyFV1ruuajdo1_500My mantra for this year is the year of betterment. Better dreams, better ambitions and intentions, better speech, better solutions, better outlook, better health, better finances…and overall just a better life. The time to be creative and deliberate in living is NOW — in fact, deliberate living should be happening every single day. All of us alive on this Earth, we are all too young to give up on life. So long as there is breath in our bodies, life in our brains,  and blood flowing through our veins, we must live life until the assignment is complete. It is time to transition out of whatever fear is immuring us from our vision — more specifically, the vision that God has placed in us. I am well aware that with substantial assertions comes commodious dilemmas. As I have made known in a previous post, I readily receive these upcoming issues. New year, new claims, new warfare, new victories. Better equipment means better challenges, and what’s better than being equipped with my Bible?UNDERSTANDING MY BIBLE. My God is whatever I create Him to be and for me, He is my Deliverer.  I have come to the realization that in order for me to truly cultivate my potential, I have to be willing to fight. There is nothing good and worthy in this world that comes easy and if it does, then it was probably never worth the fight. The closer that I come into contact with my “calling“, the harder life always seems for me. No matter if it is issues with work or friends or family woes or relationships, life….challenges me more. I guess to see if I truly want what it is that I’m asking for.


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