I want to be a voice for the underdogs. The underdogs; those little people in the world who are painted with this lie of inadequacy. The underdog; the little dark skin girls who are being told that they’re “not pretty enough” or good enough because they’re of a deeper complexion. The underdog; the person who – at this very moment – is being fed lies that they will never amount to anything. I want to be walking, living proof that the possibilities of this world are ENDLESS. I want to be a voice for the voiceless and instill an undeniable and unbreakable confidence in people; simply by being me. Throughout my younger adolescent days, I was intermittently bullied for my deep, chestnut-colored skin tone. This used to make me feel so small and insecure. My passion has always been to give back and be the voice for other little girls — especially those who are dark-skinned that have ever felt what I have felt or have been in the same position as I was. I want to fully embody the grace, elegance, and confidence of a woman who genuinely loves herself. I want to be the voice that I wish I had back then.

I want to be a creator of a legacy that withstands time. I want my legacy to be of positivity and light and tell the story as well as the very essence of who I truly am. I’m not the mistakes that I’ve made, but they have encouraged my growth. I am not my shortcomings or my flaws, however, these things I “lack” make me all that more compelling. Creativity & Individuality is the theme of my life. I want to create a world that encourages these two vital components of my world. I want to open up a non-for profit and give back to the world — mainly focusing on young girls of course. Whether that’s mentoring and instilling confidence in them or simply providing a safe outlet for them to express themselves, that is a long-term goal that I hope to achieve.

I want to be invested in my dreams. No longer will I allow disappointment to cripple me from accomplishing what it is that I have set out to do. I am ready to grab life by the reigns and fully take advantage of all the opportunities that come my way. Character – good morals & ethics. I want to be extremely devoted in building the type of character that supersedes me in a positive manner. Not because I want the praise or affirmation of others, but because with a Godly soul — a pure heart — good intentions — comes a character that is a representation of that.

I want to be a representation of a beautiful culture. The culture of beauty and the hustle. I want to illustrate what it is to be a hustler; someone more than just a cute face and smarts. I want to be a representation of a beautiful culture that creates a world confidently & believes in herself to utmost capacity. I AM a GODDESS. It’s in my name. I am a Goddess. I am beautiful. I am strength. I am consciously aware. I am positive. I am freedom. Believing in yourself is the only religion; believing in yourself is believing in God. Period.


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  1. Gorgeous pictures. Beautiful words. May all of your dreams come true. God bless.

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