Protect Your Dream

God gives us all the power to make things happen. Whatever it is that we want to achieve or accomplish, God gives us all the tools and opportunities necessary to make our move. The only thing we have to do is reach our hands out and grab it.

In a previous post, I briefly disclosed my battle with jealousy and self-doubt. I feel like in this generation we are made to feel inadequate if we struggle. Yet, struggle is at every point of our life. A new season brings forth new struggles which yields growth. For some odd reason perfectionism has taken over the authenticity of reality. Everyone struggles but that doesn’t mean that you remain there. Your current situation is not your final destination. And honestly, in order to progress you are gonna have to go through some shit. Sometimes we need to feel uncomfortable in order to grow to the next measure of our lives. And right now I am very uncomfortable. The struggle is real y’all!

I love dreaming about my future because it is the most intimate and beautiful thing in my life that I own. No one can take this little piece of my life from me and I won’t let them even if they tried. It can be a little daunting dealing with visions and dreams because of the grapple that’s associated with it. It’s like the bigger the vision the more strenuous the struggle is in order to bring the goal to fruition. The vision I have for my life  came so easily to me, however, birthing the vision is proving to be challenging.

Failure is not an option. Failure isn’t falling. Failure is falling and not getting up, dusting yourself off, and keeping it moving. The plans may deviate a little, but the end goal will remain so long as you don’t lose the vision. Falling is learning a hard lesson and propelling further. You can make yourself prosperous but you have to THINK it. There are so many people in the right place who are thinking the wrong way. Don’t become stuck in the mundane. Don’t become stuck in failure. Don’t become stuck in negativity.

Always protect your dream. People will try to deter you from dreaming or going after what you want because they cannot see themselves doing what you want to do/what you can do. Never allow people to placate their limitation on you. As my favorite youtuber Patricia Bright loves to say, “Rebuke the enemies of progress.” We can also never be scared to plan. People tend to think that means that you lack faith, however, how can you plan for something that you don’t believe in? Faith and planning go hand in hand. If the plan is going to work then you have got to MOVE. Plans equal calculations. We have also got to realize that while planning is a fundamental step in goal setting and reaching, we cannot just stop there. Opportunity isn’t going to just fall into our lap. That’s an important lesson that I had to learn is that the planning isn’t the end of the work. I do my part, God does His. We have got to realize that we have a responsibility to make things happen, to put ourselves in the position to get to our opportunity.

Work your plan. Write down everything that needs to happen. Then come up with the plan to fix the need. Frustrations come from seeing the list without having a plan. Vision comes from NEED. If I have to make my vision come to life, then I’ve got to make it happen. Go for what you want. Don’t let people hold you back from what you want to do. If you see your life better, more successful, you want to be the best you that can you be, then DO THAT. Don’t sit on your power to make shit happen. HELP YOURSELF. Believe in yourself. Believe in God. And know what your next step is. All the answers are within you and sometimes you don’t even have to look all that “deep”. Sometimes the answers are already at the surface but you’ve overlooked them. The plan that you have is going to correct you, especially when you think about it like this: “If I do this, I can get this”. You don’t need anyone to tell you what you’re doing wrong. The only people who should be able to see your vision are those who can help bring your vision to life. Gip your vision tightly. Protect it. Sometimes you’ve gotta keep your plans private to avoid unnecessary problems. Find your revelation in power. See yourself better than where you are.

Revelation. Restoration. Revolution.

So what’s in your hands?



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