“A lot of shit don’t look good til the end.”

Be patient. Breathe. Relax.

Sometimes I have to remind myself to take time to  be truthfully grateful and appreciate the process. So often I catch myself trying to rush through some imaginary race against others that just does not exist. Learning to find the balance between contentedness while striving for more is a skill that definitely takes some time mastering. I know for a fact that most times, we are our own worst critic. 

Perfection is a reality that does not exist. Yet, people keep striving for it. Perfection is overrated and if you’re still chasing this idea of perfectionism, then you might as well be like a dog and chase your own tail. There’s a difference between perfection and bettering oneself. Bettering yourself is an internal dialogue that promotes growth. It takes timing, patience, diligence, and knowing that you aren’t limited by the world’s standards or even your own for that matter. Whereas ‘perfection’ puts on the standards of the world and works from an egotistical point of view (i.e.- you’re ruled by how others perceive you or you do things that are for ‘show’, not because it’s from your spiritual self). And if we are being honest, a good chunk of us live our lives according to our ego. But, I think our destiny plays a significant role in that aspect of our lives.

What is this thing called, “destiny”, and why is it so damn difficult to find?

Destiny, direction, details, drive, purpose. 

What is the end goal? The destination?

Honestly, I have absolutely no exact clue what it is that I am supposed to do or what God even wants me to do. And I’ve been killing myself in efforts of trying to figure out the intricate little details when I don’t even know what the final goal is. What if God doesn’t want me to know? What if He just wants to give me this little snapshot of what my future is going to be like and He just wants me to do my part so that He can do His?

More often than most we just need to learn to shut the fuck up. Stop. Talking. So. Damn. Much.  All this ranting of our business just gives way to unnecessary added opinions, doubts, and layers of shit  to tear through that we don’t need. As if it isn’t difficult enough to deal with our own voice and doubts and confusion, now we are just adding  a whole other layer of static/noise. Stop that shit. Chill. 

So, you might be like me and not fully know or understand your destiny right now, but I’ve come up with a few helpful tips to aid in at least finding the direction of your destiny.

  1. Write down what you see in your future. It doesn’t have to be some long, well-written essay, but at least write down a couple of descriptive sentences of what you envision your future to look like. Remember that the universe isn’t a respecter of persons so whatever you put out into the world, you will get back tenfold.
  2. Take the necessary steps to achieve your goal/s. What is it going to take for you to achieve the things of your future? Do you need to save money/become more financially responsible? Do you need to update your passport? Do you need to read more? Pray more? Read more? What exactly do you need to do in order to be an active participant in your life? Don’t think that just because you dream or write down what it is that you envision for yourself that you won’t have to WORK. Closed mouths don’t get fed but faith without works is dead.
  3. Don’t rush the process. BE PATIENT WITH YOURSELF. A lot of shit don’t look good til the end! Think of it like a cake: you have the eggs, the milk, the flour, sugar, etc and you mix it all into a bowl to make the batter. The batter doesn’t look all that appetizing and shit, it doesn’t even look like a cake. But once you put that batter into a pan and bake the batter in the oven, it turns out to be this amazingly delicious cake (granted you followed all the instructions). Now, take that same cake and say you leave out a couple of ingredients or you rush to bake the cake and it doesn’t cook all the way through, now you have a mess of a desert and you have to scrap it and start over. That’s how we are whenever we rush our individual processes. Everything in life takes time. EVERYTHING. The last thing we want to do is be too eager and be in a rush to reach our destiny that we end up fucking things up or we end up setting ourselves back or worse — we travel on the incorrect path. Take time to learn yourself, find your niche, hone your craft. Stop giving up just because things aren’t happening right away, in the way, that YOU want it. Sometimes what we want (or think we want) may come in a different package. Be open to that change. Be open to receive.

Quit looking at everyone else’s lane and focus on your own. No one else can ever be better at doing you the way that you can. Stay focused.


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