Dare To Begin.

2016 is here and as much as I loathe that cliche phrase of, “New Year, New Me”, I kind of feel like that’s where I’m at right now. 

About a year ago, I created my first dream board. It was a pretty cool experience for me even though I didn’t quite understand the whole hoopla over them. I thought they were pretty silly. I mean, here you are cutting and pasting a whole bunch of images on to some poster board in hopes that some way, somehow, some type of magic fairy is going to sprinkle dust all over your pictures and grant your wishes. *[ eye roll ]*

I, however, being one to want to try new things — and lowkey feeling desperate for some sort of change in my life — decided to create my own.

Here, is my 2015 board: b719da28-1ea5-461d-98d3-9bcc5cd9e68a

Here’s my current vision board:b018c0e8-1e83-42ad-b742-191b8f21e0d9

Notice anything different between both vision boards? Well for one, this year I decided to take my dreams more seriously. I decided to be more bold about what I wanted and focused less on what I didn’t want. And in addition to that, I made more of an effort to focus on things that I actually wanted. Whereas in my last vision board, I kind of just put things on there that I “thought” I wanted and what “seemed” normal and achievable enough. What I didn’t really quite grasp about vision boards is that it’s more than just hopeful thinking or making a wish, it’s about energy and what we constantly allow in our space. Though, I had quite a few things on my 2015 board, I still had this big gaping space in the middle of my board that I couldn’t quite figure out what I wanted to placate there. And oddly enough, that’s how last year was for me: one big IDK. I couldn’t really figure out what direction I wanted my life to go towards. I wasn’t all too sure about what I was passionate about, what made me happy, what type of friends I should keep, what type of love I deserved, how I viewed myself, where I was going with my faith, and the list just continues on and on. Like literally, my life was one huge question mark. The one thing that I was certain of, however, was change. I needed something different..I needed to be somewhere different. Whether that was a state of mind or a location, I needed newness. I still do, but the difference is the actual steps that I am taking towards that goal.

Purpose and intention both go hand in hand. In order for me to have the life that I want, I have to be intentional. Success stories rarely happen miraculously. Success is intentional, persistent, and purposeful. And I had to really break down what ‘success’ actually meant for myself. There isn’t really a  cookie cutter model for success and not everyone yearns for the same thing. For me, I used to think that success meant that I had to have a certain body type and that I had to have a whole bunch of friends and that I had to be in a relationship and get married and have my entire life together by the time I’m 27. Where did I get this crazy notion from? My fear of time. Looking around me I saw so many people doing and having the things that I felt I was supposed to have and that really began to steal my joy away from me. Ironically, that fear caused me to waste more time constantly worrying about my situation and peeking into others lives instead of pouring my all into my own world.

My vision board last year lacked a plan of action. I had a whole bunch of ideas but no connection. And in order for dreams to come true there has to be a plan because without a plan, the vision is nothing more than a fantasy.



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