This is everything.

tumblr_o2oe3yYBi71v7i736o1_500Having a God dream doesn’t mean that you have the biggest house, fanciest car, designer labels. Having a God dream has nothing to do with fame or being well known or even being extremely wealthy. Having a God dream is being able to dream and to never lose sight of your visions. As hard as it may be, everything that is happening right now, is meant to happen. As I retrospectively think of everything that has ever happened to me, I realize that all the shit I’ve gone through was meant to happen. I mean, why else would a God who knows and sees everything allow me to face the challenges I have faced when He could have easily stopped them? This is the same God that says “no weapon formed against me shall prosper” and if I’m still breathing, if I still have the ability to love and feel love, if I am healthy, if I am continually and undoubtedly blessed….did the enemy truly prosper or did God?

Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind.

Stop complaining so damn much. Stop conforming to what the world is and what society says. We have so much power and authority in our hands that we injudiciously hand over. Then, the kicker of it all is that when we see other people who recognize, accept, and maintain their GOD GIVEN POWER AND AUTHORITY we have the audacity to scrutinize and hate them for it, calling them “arrogant” or “egotistical”. NO. What’s “arrogant” and “egotistical” is not being cognizant of your own power and authority. KNOW YOURSELF. And if you don’t know yourself, LEARN YOURSELF. All of the answers about you are inside of you, but you have to allow yourself to be vulnerable enough to fully see yourself. A majority of the time people view arrogant and egotistical people as these individuals who think highly of themselves and who appear to exceedingly hype themselves up, however, most people fail to grasp the other side of that spectrum. Failure to believe in yourself is another form of ego. Who on earth told you that you were unworthy? Was it you? Well, according to Webster’s dictionary, ego is defined as the opinion you have of yourself. Additionally, a person’s sense of self-esteem or self-importance. So, if you’re constantly doubting yourself and reaffirming negative mantras into your psyche…isn’t that also a form of ego? We have got to get over this connotation that being humble or meek commensurates being a weak minded person or even this ideology that the more weak willed you are, the stronger you are. If you have no sense of who you are, someone will create you to be the type of person they want you to be. God created us to be free. Why would you allow another man to hold dominion over you?


Never give up on your dreams no matter what obstacles may come your way. If there’s one thing that I’ve concluded time and time again is that God ain’t the only one that knows your purpose. The Devil does too. And he will do anything to try destroy you. Usually the bigger the calling, the greater the obstacle. Keep fighting. Keep dreaming. Keep believing.



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