Can I Talk My Shit for a Minute?

I hope that y’all don’t mind the influx of poetry that I’ve been releasing but as most of my fellow writers and artists know, creativity cannot be boxed in and is multifaceted. This time I wanted to embark on a new approach on love. I wanted to write something completely paradoxical from Love Crumbs. Something that’s almost obscene. Because ladies, if we’re being honest, we talk a lot of shit to our friends and family about how and when and why our man fucked up yet we fail to talk about the good things that he may have done for us. And in most cases it’s better if we don’t reveal that good, steamy lovin’ because some of our girlfriends ain’t shit. And they may wanna try and get a little lick….and see what all the hype is about. Oops. Anyways, enjoy this little clip!


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