Encourage Yourself.

Superwoman. Queen. Goddess. Caretaker. Mother. Sister. Girlfriend. Wife. It’s easy to get drained when you’re constantly giving so much of yourself to others. Helpers and encouragers need care too. Self-care requires some degree of selfishness. You’ve got to be able to put yourself first and nurture yourself before you can help others to the best of your ability. So many of us are operating on ‘E’ and that’s not a way to live life. We were created to be and you can’t fully live if you’re on autopilot.

Encourage – (verb) to give support, confidence, or hope (to someone); Uplift – (v.) to elevate influence morally or spiritually.

Speak a word over yourself. Speak victory over your life. Way too many times we wait on others to be our light, our source of happiness, or our healer. But were we not created in the likeness and image of God? Was it not the same God who spoke the world into existence? So who are you that you cannot do the same? A lot of the time people are praying for things that God has already given us the power and authority to handle ourselves.

Life and death lies right there on the tip of your tongue. Sometimes we have to learn how to minister to ourselves. There are so many answers entrapped inside of us but we’ve got to learn how to be patient with ourselves and learn (or in some cases re-learn) who we are. Try to remember an instance in your life where faith helped you get through a rough patch. A little silly example I can think of is the time that I taught myself to ride a bike. I was about eleven years old and I was still riding my bike with the training wheels on lol! (I know, I know! Go ahead and laugh LOL!) One day I had decided that I was ready to take the training wheels off and learn how to ride a two-wheeler so I had my dad unscrew the training wheels off for me. Well, everyday for about a week or so I practiced and practiced and practiced.  It was a process that started with me first setting my mind towards a specific goal. Then, I had to learn how to balance and finally being consistent and persistent even though I had fallen quite a few times and had many cuts and bruises. I would practice on the sidewalk and then when I mastered that I would practice riding my bike from the hill of my driveway. Soon enough I was starting to add tricks to my repertoire of bike riding and eventually I had mastered bike riding. I was determined to accomplish what I set out to do. I think of those times when I start to doubt myself or I am in a disenchanted state of mind. The girl who could teach herself how to ride a bike can start a blog. The girl who could teach herself how to ride a bike can succeed at school. The girl who can teach herself how to ride a bike can write a book. The girl who could teach herself how to ride a bike can do anything she sets her mind to. All it really takes is one or two significant accomplishments that you’ve done in the past or recently to help motivate you and remind you that YOU CAN DO IT.

Seek the positive. One common misconception I think that people fail to realize is that we  have choices. Negativity is a choice. To constantly direct all your energy into a situation that fails to uplift you is a choice. For every negative situation or event that you can possibly complain about, try to flip it and find the goodness in the situation. Remember that your current situation is not your final destination. Press on.

Appreciate yourself. Give yourself your well deserved props! Never take away from your accolades no matter how big or small they may seem. You are worthy of praise! Moping around and feeling sorry for yourself isn’t helpful to you or those around you. The only way out of a discouraged mindset is to CHANGE SOMETHING. Stop waiting around for others to come around and “fix” you when you have everything necessary to fix yourself! Break the “woe is me” cycle of speech and ENCOURAGE YOURSELF.



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