About Elinah


I am Chizhem Elinah. An uncensored spirit. Free and Radical thinker. An innovator. A blogger. (And yes I am sensitive about my shiiii). I live for uncovering the great mysteries of life and I have no qualms with questioning or discovering the answers to the “why’s” of life — whether it be the routine restrictions of society or religion — I seek to gain knowledge and understanding. Open to receive what the world has to offer because I know that the possibilities are limitless and the answers are infinite. Gone are those days that someone just tells me something and I take their word for it and believe it. I need to know the reasoning behind everything. I need to be able to make my OWN decisions and be in control of my choices. If God didn’t want us to have choice or if he wanted us to all live the same life wouldn’t have disowned the idea of freewill? I. Am. Dauntless. I refuse to hold myself back  when it comes to voicing myself, I have a new found freedom and I’m not afraid to explore that. We all are individuals with our own unique life paths and purposes. The trick to it all is to discover what that is. You are put on the earth and that’s already step one to your purpose. Do the things that you love and explore the things that come to you naturally. Those are your gifts. That’s where it all begins. Dissipate the ego and flow fully from your spirit. We all have choices. We all have voice.  I have a voice. I have a gift. I have a passion that is so strong it intimidates me sometimes. That voice that we have that is urging us to speak is there for us to either use it or lose it. I’m done be cconfined I’m using my voice. #SHE #SPEAKS


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